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Yes, you're right it's funny yet thinking of the whole situation makes it really sad.

Roger Fearn

Dear Amy,

I remember your dad doing the barking at the mailbox, and the cocker going nuts. Funny what will set a dog or person off sometimes. Wishing you all the best in your grief. And thanks for the memories.



I absolutely love and appreciate family humor even at the price of someone elses miserary, anxiety, fear, pain, etc. My daughter and I have the same wicked humor and will fall on the ground in hysterics when a situation occurs that hits us in just the right way. Thank God your dad has his continuing sense of humor and thank God he was given it at birth. I laughed so hard through the dog barking description. I hope you have considered recording some of this nonsense, probably on a secret camera so your dad doesn't "ham" it up for the camera. Having some of these events, even with him sick, would be treasures to look back on. My mom went through 12 yrs of dementia, so hard to go through but there were funny things that family and friends can relate back and I remember that are so funny even when she was well into the dementia process. Still those funny moments are there and I treasure them. Keep on having fun with your dad.



You are unbelievable- the insight, the heart-wrenching grief of it all, and then the humor. How wonderful that you have some time to be there for him, although I can't imagine the sheer exhaustion of the effort for both of you. Keep on barkin;

Betsy Burroughs

Fantastic post. Your writing puts me "there." Love the "teeter totter." I can totally see you doing that. And damn funny. In the midst of it all. Keep writing!


This is so wonderful. Warm and funny.

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